Model No.︰70%、80%、96%、98%

Brand Name︰HAIDA

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description


Synthesis capsaicinNonivamide


non-toxic environmental protection, patent product



One, English name:  N-Vanill ylnonamide

Two, chemistry name:  Pelargonic acid vanilla amide

Three, molecular formula:  C17H27NO3

CAS NO.:[2444-46-4]      EINECS NO.: 219-484-1


Four, product outline:

The capsaicin is one kind including the vanilla amide alkaloid, the natural capsaicin by the capsaicin, the dihydro capsaicin, falls series similar races and so on the dihydro capsaicin, high dihydro capsaicin, high capsaicin is composed, in the capsicine only has the pelargonic acid vanilla amide most to have intense Xin hot and the extremely intense irritating quality, the pelargonic acid vanilla amide may withdraw from the natural hot pepper or takes with chemistry method synthesis system. Because the synthesis capsaicin holds the absolute superiority in the price and on spicy compared to the natural capsaicin, deeply domestic and foreign user community's use and high praise. - Pelargonic acid vanilla amide molecular weight: 293.4;

Melting point: 56-58; Decomposition temperature: 340; Water-solubility: When 25 27ppm.


Fifth, main technical specification:

Specification        Outward appearance     Pelargonic acid vanilla amide content

HD-70              Sepia paste shape               ≥70%

HD-80              Sepia paste shape               ≥80%

HD-96              Reddish brown paste shape       ≥96%

HD-98              White crystal                  98%


Six, the main use:

      This product non-toxic, the environmental protection, does not have the environmental damage, the active principle content high, the recruitment small, the term of validity is long. Serves as in the drugs production: The town hurts, the sterilization, the frostbite, stops itches, the sterilization, the rehabilitation, dispels rheumatism and so on many kinds of external use medicine. Can treat serious psoriasis and so on difficult skin diseases; Serves as in the ships coating production without the environmental damage hot antifouling paint chemical additive; Serves as the environmental protection green biology agricultural chemicals in the agricultural production; If increases to in the electric wire, the electric cable, the optical cable protective covering may prevent the mouse, termite's food eclipse injury; Serves as the termite-proof coating in the building material production; Also may serve as the manufacture tear-gas bomb and the police uses the defense weapon and so on. This product use is extremely widespread, has the very good development future.


Seventh, product packing:

1 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg packing or according to user request