Syndicate abstract: Qingdao municipality Haida chemical engineering limited company, is an unit of Chinese flame retardant association associationist, and is a Shandong province capacity, distributorship sundry lastics, beaded paint, beaded paint, printing ink, oak plastics , rubber article iso - exclusive use the chemistry help the agent and additive brand most holoenzymes, the earliest unit. Our company has the product 200 remaining kinds, amalgamation all pass the international mass system of ISO9000 to authenticate, and it is addicted that our product is a mass, the price is low, consumer the satisfaction of the product, consumer that trust, is an aim of our serve. A, flame retardant agent series product Two, special kind pigment black carbon, titanium leuco - powder series product Three, fluorescence super - leuco - agent series product Four, antioxygen, ultraviolet ray absorbent, light stabilizing agent series product Five, the Si camphane is accidentally diamidine elixir, phthalein the acid esters is accidentally diamidine elixir Six, efficiently, recombination stabilizing agent, lubricant series product Seven, the PVC process the exclusive use to help the agent series the product Eight, the cable use to defend the rat, defend the termitid to hate to avoid the agent Nine, epoxy resin, curing agent series product Ten, the other help the agent and chemical engineering product